Lemfeld Industry a.s.

The textile business, primarily including the production of jacquard machines, which continues to operate on a global level, was transferred to a separate business entity, Lemfeld Industry a.s.

Jacquard harness

Lemfeld Industry a.s. designs Jacquard harnesses for electronic and mechanical weaving machines. The main program is the production of Jacquard harnesses for all types of machines and looms.

The healds are mounted on the lifting cords suspended from the hooks. The vertical movement of the sinkers depends on which warp thread goes up in a spin of the loom up and which remains in the bottom part of the shed. In older machines, the hooks are controlled with punched cards (with programmable spacing of holes). Most modern machines works on the principle of electromagnetic transmission pulses of a computer.

Components for the production of harnesses:

  • Soil types of paving – classic, glass grate
  • Hole board
  • Counter extensions – helical springs (own production), lycra
  • Jacquard flexes – high wear-resistance and high tensile strength with antistatic treatment
  • Tubificids
  • Metal structures – supports for hole boards and counter extensions

The soil pavings and the hole boards are made of high quality plastic and vulcanised-fibre (a special material with abrasion resistance) plates. At the request of the client, we can produce hole boards with an arbitrary distribution and density of the holes. Jacquard harnesses installed all over the world.

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